i walked through the rain for u
i walked through the rain for u


Sara Andreasson

Tan Lines, 2014

Video stills of skateboarder Peggy Oki via Tomboy Style.

have you got any advice on how to handle gsces? mine are coming up ://// but your gsce grades are pretty good!!! :0
— Asked by Anonymous

well tbh no i didn’t really work hard for them thank you just make sure you get all the help you can get from teachers and stuff like that and try not to stress they’re really not as important as they seem????? also don’t procrastinate like I can’t talk bc I put off everything but the sooner you do things the less you fuck up and stress oh and do practise papers they’re the easiest way to learn good luck x

what did you get in your gcses? I don't know if I should be disappointed
— Asked by Anonymous

i got as in chem bio physics maths English lit ict cs in German and French b In English Lang and an a* in epq looooooooooool don’t feel disappointed though gcses aren’t the be all and end all like i was v worried I failed my exams this year and last year but that motivates you to want to do better??? i wish the best for you u will be fine (work hard for ur a levels) like I fully had to think about what I got cod you’ll forget in a years time it’s fine don’t worry x

how are your results?
— Asked by Anonymous

i did my gcses last year if you’re asking about gcses congrats to anyone who got results!!!!!


Warmer inside by Mike Capson


The Simpsons was the most honest show out there


love_c-print on lesshot


love_c-print on lesshot


Vo Anh Kiet


Messages to the Public
Spectacolor electronic sign
20 x 40 ft.
Truisms, 1977–79
Times Square, New York
© Jenny Holzer, member Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY 

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