i walked through the rain for u
i walked through the rain for u


Color Wheels, 2012

Olaf Breuning

You're such an amazing person and it makes me happy
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(this Is probably Molly) i fully love you b xxxxxxc

(if ur not Molly I fully love you also)


…… </3

rape is definetly worse than drug use??? it's your conscious decision to use drug but not when your raped
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That’s my opinion too


sleepova w/ gigi thursday v excited


literally cannot wait to see gigi when she is back 

to the anon that talked about overall crime rate being higher cuz of drug dealers, while some drugs do influence the overall crime rate most don't. alcohol is one of the highest ones for fatalities and accidents, etc. a junkie may do petty theft but that's about it. rape happens more with alcohol. and rape is more so about control and power to feel like they have it for once. or out of anger when they get rejected. it isn't drugs. while druggies take up most of jail because we don't have rehab:/
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my six selfies


あみえ あむろ 


Junkie Children from St. Petersburg

Photos made by Willycat in St. Petersburg of children using heroin. Photos were made 10 years ago, so some people suppose that today there is a big probability that those kids are not with us


White eye (Pool Serie), 2013
acrylic on canvas

Yang-Tsung Fan


Dazed and Confused (1993)
Richard Linklater

behind the scenes, entertainment weekly shoot

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